There’s More than One Way to Fold a Sock

Folding socks can be the bane of many of those in charge of laundry. Socks are missing, and you just can’t seem to make a single pair out of the seemingly millions of socks in the pile. Have you ever been schooled in the art of proper sock folding? Or do you prefer to be a little rebellious and go with your own version of creative sock folding? There is more than one way to fold a sock!

Fold ’em

With no stretching or twisting involved, you can simply fold your socks together and place them in your drawer. It is neat and easy and works well, if you are an organized person. If the dresser drawers in your house are always neat and you never have to dig to find what you want, then folding is for you. However, if you sometimes just toss things in the drawer or back in the laundry basket, folding is probably not a great long-term choice for you.

Have a Ball

Another tried-and-true method for folding socks is to ball them up. Lay two matching socks on top of one another, take hold of the elastic top of one sock, and pull it over both socks. You can make them whatever length works for your storage space. This is one of the sock-folding techniques that will keep your socks together, even if your dresser drawers are a bit topsy-turvy.

Make It a Tube

This creative sock-folding technique might take a little practice but looks neat and is often used by professional laundry services. Do they know something you don’t know, or is this just a different answer to an age-old question? The pros say to lay one sock flat and then fold it in half. Turn the second sock inside-out and put your hand inside of it until you reach the middle. Pick up the folded sock; now pull the sock on your hand over it. This sounds complicated and requires a little practice. If you can make it work, you will have a drawer full of neat, cylindrical tubes where a mess of mismatched socks used to live.

Use Technology to Fold Your Socks

Brand new socks fresh out of the package are great. Manufacturers use a sock-folding device to make sure that your pack of socks is neatly folded and looking great when you wear them for the first time. Did you know that there is a pretty cool sock-folding device called SockSync that can make your folding chore a little easier?

SockSync is ergonomically designed to combine those traditional sock pairing techniques into one quick and easy process. With SockSync, you take mismatched socks and drape the mouth of the sock over the pairing cups. As you find the match, with little effort, SockSync will help you fold your socks and even drop them right into your laundry basket for you.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a traditionalist, always using a proper sock-folding method, or you lean more to the creative sock-folding side. What matters is that you can find a pair of socks when you need one. Choose whatever technique for sock-folding works for you. Get a robot to fold and sort socks for you. Or you can continue to go shoe-shopping wearing two different socks. Who knows – you might start a whole new trend!