Where Did My Missing Sock Go? The Trials and Travails of Popular Characters…and Their Missing Socks

In the never-ending struggle of good against evil, even our laundry baskets are battlefields. Ask our greatest heroes which of their struggles never made it onto television or into the annals of history, and they’ll tell you: it was those darn socks. You might have to suffer this pain too, but you needn’t suffer alone. Read below and share your pain over the socks that got away.

Where Did My Missing Sock Go? - SockSync.com - Infographic

Somewhere between wearing the socks, laundry day, and putting them away, a single sock always seems to go missing. You probably simply misplaced the sock, but sometimes, deep down, you get the feeling that something much more sinister is at play. What if those missing socks are being spirited away by some vast and evil anti-sock conspiracy? What if villains are lurking in the shadows between the washer and the dryer plotting, every day, to steal and mismatch socks in the name of chaos?

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