Types of Men’s Socks

You might think that only women worry about wearing the right type of hosiery for every occasion. Do they need to match your shoes? Are socks specific to an activity? Well, women, men have the same sock problems that you do. Have you ever wondered how many types of socks for men there are, or […]

Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids

Most parents recognize the advantage to teaching their children responsibility and teamwork. A great way to do that is to develop a list of chores for kids to do around the house. As families get busier and busier, we all have many demands on our time. Spending time with your kids while teaching them to […]

The Most Popular Conspiracy Theories Behind Your Missing Socks

Another day, another pair of mismatched socks. Someone could make a fortune writing a book about missing socks and other mysteries around the house. It seems like every time you turn around, the laundry basket harbors another sock that has no partner. Missing socks: Where do they go? There are many missing sock theories that […]

How to Stop Those Mountains of Laundry From Taking Over Mommyhood

Laundry is like a monster that takes over the world. Wherever you turn, there is always another pile of stinky socks waiting to be washed or overflowing baskets of laundry that need to be folded. It is something that you just can’t escape: Laundry is the job that never goes away. If you are a […]

There’s More than One Way to Fold a Sock

Folding socks can be the bane of many of those in charge of laundry. Socks are missing, and you just can’t seem to make a single pair out of the seemingly millions of socks in the pile. Have you ever been schooled in the art of proper sock folding? Or do you prefer to be […]

6 Sock Craft Ideas That Use Your Odd Socks

Making sock puppets

What do you do with those odd socks that everyone inevitably winds up with? Do you throw them away? Or maybe use them to dust the furniture or wax the car? Sometimes you might even pick two out of the pile and wear them even though they don’t match. There are some excellent old sock […]