How & Where to Find Missing Socks: The First 5 Places to Look When Your Socks Go Missing

It is totally possible that there is a gathering place for lost socks, a place where they all go and laugh at the humans who are searching the laundry room, talking about a sock-stealing monster. If you don’t think that’s a possibility, where do you find missing socks? Maybe if you were to write a book called “How to Find Missing Socks,” you could make your fortune and retire early. In the meantime, let’s explore the most likely places to find missing socks. Continue reading

6 Sock Craft Ideas That Use Your Odd Socks

What do you do with those odd socks that everyone inevitably winds up with? Do you throw them away? Or maybe use them to dust the furniture or wax the car? Sometimes you might even pick two out of the pile and wear them even though they don’t match. There are some excellent old sock craft ideas that will give you some great ways to use up those odd socks. Why not try a couple and see how creative you can get? Continue reading

Life Hacks Every College Freshman Needs to Know About Laundry and Dorm Life

Going off to college can be quite the adventure. It is often a new and exciting experience, as many college freshmen are leaving home for the first time. There is a lot to learn about facing the world of college life, particularly living life in the shared space of a dormitory. Here are a few life hacks and college laundry tips that may smooth the way as college freshmen are venturing out into the world of life and laundry. Continue reading